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Edge to Edge Quilting Charges: Prices listed are valid for all quilts up to the next higher size. 

Circle the size / cost below that most closely matches your quilt size:

 Crib: 45 x 60 inches     $45.00     Lap:  54 x 72 inches   $75.00   Twin: 66 x 90 inches   $100.00  

Double: 80 x 90 inches   $125.00  Queen: 90 x 100 inches  $150.00   King: 100 x 110 inches   $200.00

1.     Is the Quilt Top or Back Directional?    Y / N       
2.     Quilting Choices: Pattern Choice: ___________________________
3.     Pattern Repetition: Less Dense / spacing:    or   More Dense / compacted:  
4.    Thread Choices:  Color Name and #__________________________________
      Single thread         $5.00            Multiple Colors / Specialty Threads   $10.00
5.   Quilt Top Pressing Charges: Wrinkly or un-pressed seams                   $10.00                            
6.    Piece Backing:                                                    One or two  Seams $10.00                
7.   Square up Backing/Batting                                                              $10.00
8.   Return Shipping & Insurance Charge: (Flat rate)                        Actual Cost

Disclaimer: Quilting does not correct piecing imperfections. If the quilt top is not flat and square, or has wavy borders… you may have pleats or tucks quilted in the finished product. Contrasting threads / solid backings may show more pokies on the finished quilt. Bulky seams can and may cause needle breakage; if your quilt is damaged because of bulky seams My Little Quilt Shop is not responsible. Payment is expected in full at the time of pick-up. 

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Statler Set Up: Pattern: _________________________________________

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Horizontal: ___________________          Vertical:_________________________

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