​​​​Edge to Edge Quilting Services  

Determine your quilt size using the chart below, then add the services you want or need to obtain your total cost

Minimum Charges: For any non-custom quilting order     $45.00

Edge to Edge Quilting Charges: Prices listed are valid for all quilts up to the next higher size.

  • Crib: 45 x 60 inches         $45.00           
  • Lap:  54 x 72 inches         $75.00
  • Twin: 66 x 90 inches       $100.00         
  • Double: 80 x 90 inches    $125.00
  • Queen: 90 x 100 inches   $150.00         
  • King: 100 x 110 inches      $200.00

Thread Charges: I only use Superior Threads

  • Matching top/ bottom thread              $5.00     
  • Multiple Colors or Specialty Threads   $10.00

The best choice is to use a thread color matching the backing fabric. One matching thread color on both top and bobbin will reduce the "pokie" effect (pokies are the contrasting thread poking through to the other side of the quilt).

Other Charges:

  • Backing Prep Charges: One or two Seam (sewn & pressed)               $10.00
  • Pressing Charges: If very wrinkly or un-pressed seams                 $10.00
  • Return Shipping & Insurance Charge: (Flat rate)                       Actual Cost  

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